Two days in and what an unbelievable two days it’s been. We’re currently on the overnight Belfast ferry to Birkenhead enjoying a long overdue beer.


Our adventure started with some very generous colleagues at Aberdeen who showed us around the tower and ops room, where we spent some time with Y watch who showed us the offshore operation. We then went upstairs to take in the sights and saw some pretty tricky landings given the crosswind. Straight away we’re into conversations dispelling the myth regarding the prostate PSA test. So many people don’t realise it’s a very quick and simple blood sample and not the ‘rubber glove’ test. Special thanks must go to Mike Simon who arranged access for us to go on the runway – something we will never forget.


We called in to see Allan’s wife who very kindly made us breakfast before heading to Glasgow via Glenshee in sleet! Luckily, Chris Myers, GCAM had a pizza lunch ready for us and it was up the tower to meet the team and watch the Emirates A380 arrive. It’s absolutely huge and they have to inspect the runway afterwards in case of damage to it!! People offered donations whilst we were there and we were treated to an amazing water salute, riding under a water arch courtesy of the Glasgow fire service.


Next stop was Prestwick where we met by Paul Peers GM, Chris Wellstead DGM Operations and much needed coffee and cookies before taking a sneaky peak around the ops room to meet some of the team on duty. Lots of colleagues came in on their day off to say hello and give us encouragement which was incredible – thank you!


Day 2 – we were off the Stranraer to Belfast ferry by 0930 after the privilege of meeting the crew on the bridge and them talking us through the ferry operations. Tim Gilpin, Belfast Airport GM, met us off the ferry with his motorbike to join the ride as we travelled straight to Belfast City. Samson and Goliath, the two Harland and Wolf cranes make an imposing sight from the tower and we watched the mix of turbo props and jet movements in some pretty poor weather.


It was back into the rain and up to Joey Dunlops bar for a cheeky pint of 0% Guinness and then back to Belfast International. I have to say the weather’s been absolutely foul with sideways rain which made it into our gloves and Harvey’s boots!! After a robust search at security, we finally made it onto the airfield which is one of the few remaining WW2 towers and a chance for us to dry out with warm coffee. We watched what looked like a formation of easyJet departures before Tim talked us through the Belfast approach procedures for City and Aldergrove.


We rounded off the day with a home-made curry from Shep, who is an old airforce pal of Wayne and his wife Barbera. Sleep is calling…but it’s choppy and we’re hoping the rocking sensation will help us sleep. Cannot wait for what tomorrow brings – we’re buzzin!