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age 53

ATCO with CAA/NATS since 1989 working for NATS at Manchester from 1991 through to 2006 becoming a College Area Radar Instructor from 2004. From 2006, I became an Airspace Capacity Manager based at Swanwick, Hampshire responsible for all UK and Irish Airports and Airspace including Shanwick Oceanic.

I’ve been riding motorcycles since childhood but started riding large capacity road bikes in 1989 whilst working at Cardiff Airport during my initial ATC Training. I’m an experienced road bike rider, both commuting and touring for pleasure.

I have held an ACU Trials Competition license and regularly ride off-road with modern and vintage bikes.

I build, restore and maintain all of my bikes as well as being an active member of several Motorcycle Clubs.

I have raised money for Prostate Cancer UK through various events such as the Annual Distinguished Gentlemens Ride and have supported Aerobility through Prospect ATCOs Branch and NATS.

The BigTour 24 in 2024 is quite a challenge for the riders and through this, wish to raise awareness of these good causes.

Please support us if you can.

harvey mcvicar

age 53

I joined NATS in 1995 on course 94. Posted to West Drayton and validated on TC North and then Capital. I did a tour at the college as an instructor from 2005-2008 then returned to TC at Swanwick. I’m currently valid on TC North and East as well as being Chair for the TC section of the ATCOs branch of Prospect.

I’ve ridden bikes since the age of 7, starting with an Italjet 50, rode with a display team for a few years on a variety of off road and trials bikes. Eddie Kidd was the president of the club, a great man to meet and he donated one of his bikes to the club which we all got to ride and try to do jumps as well as he did on it but got nowhere close!!

I rode on and off for a number of years before getting properly into sports bikes in the early 2000’s. Then the trackday bug bit me and that has been my main riding outlet since, Kawasaki zx6r then a Honda CBR600rr and now I’ve got a Kawasaki ZX10r. I taught myself how to maintain them and do all my own mechanical work (and crash damage repairing…!!!!)

I’m really excited for this trip, it’s going to be a lot of riding but for 2 great charities and I’m really hoping that with your support we can raise a substantial amount of money to help them continue the great work they do.

Thanks for reading.


age 52

I joined NATS in 1990 as an assistant at West Drayton and am currently an Operations Supervisor, Swanwick AC having performed just about every role in between. I was already riding sports bikes by the time a joined what was formerly NATS, having been ‘discouraged’ by my parents for owning one whilst living at home!

Over the years I have ridden various 600 and 900 cc bikes having passed my test on a Honda CB600. I’ve taken part in quite a few track days and was lucky enough to do a day at the Ron Haslam race school at Donnington park. These days I prefer something slightly slower and am in the process of getting my Yamaha XS650 back on the road.

My Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer during COVID lockdown. Me and my sister were ferrying him back & forth to QA Portsmouth for radiotherapy every week. Having seen my Dad go through successful treatment, I get PSA tested every other year and would highly encourage all gents over the tender age of 50 to do the same – it’s free! In my younger years I was also a keen aviator, so both charities that we’re riding for are very close to my heart.

Please support us however you can.



age 57

I’ve been an ATCO since 1992. I started working for Nats in January 2002 and am based at Aberdeen Airport.

I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1995.

I was joint creator of the original BigTour as part of the 2012 BigPull fundraiser for Aerobility. Together with a colleague from Aberdeen Airport, I rode from Shetland to Devon, visiting the most northern, eastern, western and southern radar sites before taking part in the BigPull event at Goodwood race circuit.

I’ve done numerous long distance UK and European motorcycle touring and have off-road riding experience.

I am a Local Observer for the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists and am currently training to become qualified at National level.

I have previously been the Board Secretary and an operational rider for the National Association of Blood Bikes, Aberdeen Group.

I have supported Aerobility since 2012. The work they continue to do with disabled people is fantastic. As a Veteran, I really value the work they do with injured military personnel.

I am also supporting Prostate Cancer UK as I recently lost a friend and colleague to this terrible disease. He was an ATSA at Aberdeen Airport, and a valued colleague. He is much missed by all on the unit who knew and worked with him.

It then became a personal mission for me to create, take part in, and complete the challenge of The BigTour, 24 in 2024; not only to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer across Nats and the wider community, but for the team to raise as much money as possible for both these worthwhile charities.

I hope that by promoting the team’s hard work in putting this event together, our efforts will encourage people to support us and donate.

raising money for prostate cancer uk & aerobility

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